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    My name is Muluken Girma. I'm an Ethiopian tourism professional from Addis Ababa - a tour operator and senior tour guide in Ethiopia. I am enjoying organizing customized tours all over Ethiopia since 2004.


    I specialize in short tours in Addis Ababa and excursions around. My Private Day Trips from Addis Ababa are most popular and frequently booked.


    I'm here to make your trip in Ethiopia so perfect. If you are on a layover at Addis Ababa, you will find my one day tours of Addis Ababa worth booking.


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  • About Me

    Your friend and travel advisor in Addis Ababa

    Who am I?

    Welcome all!

    I'm Muluken - Ethiopian tour operator and guide from Addis Ababa. I am the founder and manager of Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours [MEET] - a tour company providing private tours in Ethiopia.

    I spent all my life in Addis Ababa except for the years 2000 an 2001 when I was in Mekelle University studying Accounting.

    After graduation and working for few months as an Accountant, I didn't find it my type. As I am a social person, I wanted to study Tour Operation Management and become a tour guide. Yes, I joined the Catering and Tourism Training Institute of Ethiopia (the only Tourism College in the country back then) in 2001, and studied Tourism Operation Management for two years and graduated in March 2004 in Diploma with "Distinctions" ranking.

    From then on I worked at two of the best tour operating companies in Addis Ababa as a tour operator and tour guide to all parts of Ethiopia until August 2009.
    Since then, I have been enjoying organizing and leading interesting private small group and individual tours all over Ethiopia. I specialize in tailor made private tour in and around Addis Ababa focusing on food tours, cultural tours, local experiences, and day tours from Addis Ababa.

    Here are few reasons which make me your perfect guide during your stay Addis Ababa and visiting around: -
    - Addis Ababa is my hometown and know it deeply and naturally
    - I LOVE Addis Ababa and my profession
    - I enjoy visiting the local places of my city my self
    - It gives me such a fulfilling feeling to enrich people's life in organizing personalized tour experience which stays in their memory for long time
    - The professional education I got, and years of experience I learned a lot from made me to know what visitors would like to see and I know how to deliver it most satisfactorily

    - SAFETY on TOUR is among top policies in running my business
    - Above all handling a private tour starting from the first email, to leading those tours myself, and making my clients my family is one of the things I can do best.

    Contact me soon, and let's plan your best tour of Addis Ababa and around now!!

    Why ME?

    Few reasons why I would be your perfect guide :-

    - I was born and grew up in Addis Ababa which made me know my city naturally as a native

    - I studied Tour Operations Management for two years which helped me to know what exactly visitors need and how to deliver it most satisfactorily

    - I have worked as a permanent tour guide and tour operator for five years which helped me to know all parts of the country and develop my experience with visitors from different parts of the world

    - I have been working as a private tour organizer and tour guide since 2008

    - I am an approved blogger at Tripoto.com

    Certificates and Recommendation Letters

    - Certificate from TourHQ.com for being one of the TOP 100 Tour Guides in the World in 2017 - Click here to see   

    - Certificate from Unity University - Click here to see

    - Letter of Recommendation from Goge Africa TV - Click here to see

    - "Thank You!" Regards from Word Travels TV - Click here to see

    - I'm the Travel Expert for Ethiopia at www.WordTravels.com - Click here to see

    Contact Details

    Name - Muluken Girma Tamirat

    Address - Lideta Sub City, Kebele 01/18, House # 972, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    P.O.Box - 180415, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Tel - +251963078067

    Cell - +251911360488

    Email - meetmule@yahoo.co.uk

    - mulukengirma31@gmail.com

    Skype - Muluken444

    Facebook - www.facebook.com/Muluken

    Twitter - @MeritTours

    Website - www.meetmule.com

    GMB - MulukenGirmaAddisAbabaTourGuide.Business.Site

    Some of my career achievements 

    - I have guided the host and producers of Goge Africa (a famous Nigerian TV Show) successfully in their three days film shots of Addis Ababa - Click here to see


    - I was the tour guide who delivered a great service for the famous American food host - Andrew Zimmern of Travel Channel for his Bizarre Foods program - Click here to see


    - I have successfully guided Robin Esrock and Julia Dimon - presenters of Word Travels Television Series in their trip to the Omo Valley to visit the Mursi tribal people and to visit the incredibly hand cut rock churches of Lalibela in the Northern Ethiopia - Click here to see


    - I was selected as one of the TOP 100 TOUR GUIDES IN THE WORLD in 2016, 2017 and 2018 by

    www.TourHQ.com Click here to see


    - I have completed the Online Marketing Course powered by Google Inc. - Click here to see

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  • List of Tours I offer

    Private Tours in Ethiopia organized by Muluken Girma

    Tours I Organize

    Private tours in Addis Ababa, day tours from Addis Ababa, and customized many day tours in Ethiopia

    Tours in Addis Ababa

    Private Tours of Addis Ababa

    I believe I am good in organizing pre planned tours customized to my visitors’ needs. I would love to hear in detail what visitors would expect from their tour with me as it helps me to plan the best possible experiential and enriching tour.


    I specialize in tours which focus on culture, food, local experience and nature themed tours especially for first-timers to Ethiopia.


    Check list of best private tours in Addis Ababa for even more details and booking online.

    Debre Libanos Monastery - 100 km from Addis Ababa

    List of Tours

    Tour Details

    Few tours I offer in and around Addis Ababa are: -

    • Customized City Tour of Addis Ababa (8 – 10 hours)
    • Highlights of Addis Ababa for layover visitors (3 – 5 hours)
    • Food Tour of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa (Flexible)
    • Day Tour from Addis Ababa to visit the rock carved church of Adadi Mariam (13th Century AD), Steles of Tiya (UNESCO World Heritage Site and dates back to the 14th Century AD), and for partial view of the Ethiopian part of the Great East African Rift Valley (8 hours)
    • Day Tour to have a boat ride on the Rift Valley Lake of Ziway (to see hippos and various birds), and to visit the rock carved church of Adadi Mariam (13th Century AD), Steles of Tiya (UNESCO World Heritage Site and dates back to the 14th Century AD), and for partial view of the Ethiopian part of the Great East African Rift Valley (8 hours)
    • Day Tour from Addis Ababa to Debre Libanos Monastery (the largest in Ethiopia dating back to 13th Century AD), a man made stone bridge known as the Portuguese Bridge (16th Century AD), and the scenic Jemma River Valley (8 hours)
    • Day Tour to the Crater Lake of Wenchi (11 hours)

      In addition to the above, I organize and guide multi-day tours to the historical sites of Northern Ethiopia many of which are in the UNESCO World Heritages Site List, to the cultural tribal people of the Lower Omo Valley in the southern Ethiopia, and to the ancient walled town of Harar (16th Century AD and UNESCO World Heritage Site).


      Find out more about Addis Ababa City Tours or book online now.


      Contact me soon for details of the above tours OR let’s create your perfect tour in Ethiopia together!!

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      Please, drop me a line at mulukengirma31@gmail.com for discussing the details!!

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